We provide information, education and support to people diagnosed with all forms of diabetes. Our Credentialled Diabetes Educators can also support patient’s family members and carers. To learn more Click Here.

Our Services

Dietitians assist people in understanding the link between health and food. They educate on how to achieve and sustain a healthly lifestyle through dietary choices. A healthy diet can prevent and improve disease and illness. Our Dietitians not only assist in diabetes related education, advice and consultation but a variety of other health related issues. To learn more Click Here.

Physical activity is important for a healthy and balanced lifestyle regardless of if you are a person with diabetes or not. As each person’s needs and lifestyle are different. Our Exercise Physiologist will work with you every step of the way to create activity programs that suit you. To learn more Click Here. 

Podiatry is a sector of healthcare that is dedicated to the treatment of diseases and illnesses of the lower extremities, which include the foot, ankle, knew, leg and hip. To learn more Click Here.

It is common for people living with a chronic illness to feel overwhelmed with worry about their wellbeing and health. Living with a chronic illness which requires management on a daily basis can increase susceptibility to anxiety and depression. To learn more Click Here.

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious about life in general, can happen to all of us. Counselors offer guidance to individuals, couples and families who are dealing with issues that affect their mental health and well-being. To learn more Click Here.

PDC Allied Health have a team of accredited pharmacists that can provide a comprehensive of all your medication in your home, in the comfort of your own home. This is known as a Home Medicines Review and can be accessed via a referral from your GP. For more information Click Here.

At PDC Allied Health we pride ourselves on connecting with community and educating people on important health issues that people with diabetes face. We hold events, seminars and lectures, to learn more Click Here.

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PDC Allied Health is provided by Perth Diabetes Care. Multidisciplinary Allied Health for all chronic conditions and skilled in diabetes care.