Sarah Dwyer


Sarah holds a Bachelor of Counselling from Notre Dame University and has counselling experience from Relationships Australia and in private practice.

Sarah is trained in all areas of counselling including: Living with chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Alcohol and other Drug Misuse, Bereavement, Grief and Loss, Trauma, Family therapy, Childhood Sexual Abuse and Prevalent Mental Health Illness. Sarah’s counselling work is informed by a variety of evidence based theories and approaches, including Person-Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy and Emotion-Focused Therapy.

Sarah has a rich life experience as she lives with type 1 diabetes, spanning thirty years. The challenge of living with Type 1 diabetes continues to be one of her greatest life learning opportunities for strength, acceptance and growth. Living with Type 1 diabetes involves various types of losses and can be a great emotional struggle for both individuals who have the condition and their families. Relationships are strained and stressors can be overwhelming at times. More importantly, the individual living with Type 1 diabetes is continually forming and questioning their identity, coping with their fears, considering their ability to make decisions and conceptualising their place in this world and in relation to others. It is crucial to instil a strong sense of self-efficacy in individuals so they are better equipped to make good decisions in life for themselves now and in the future.

Families of individuals with diabetes can struggle with fear, guilt, shame, anger, stress and anxiety. Every relationship in the family is affected by some of these emotions or issues at one time or another.

Sarah’s hope for counselling services at PDC Allied Health is to give individuals and their families the opportunity to improve communication, suggestions for coping with stress and anxiety, validation of their efforts, a sense of confidence in decision making so they are able to gain a strong sense of self-efficacy in the face of a condition that threatens this every day. And the opportunity to just offload on someone who understands where they are coming from.

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