Perth Diabetes Care works closely with people in the community, from people living with Diabetes, medical practitioners, specialists and endocrinologists, Diabetes Pharma, universities, community organisations and government agencies.

Friendlies Pharmacies 

Friendlies Pharmacies are spread throughout Western Australia, our main headquarters are co-located with Friendlies East Victoria Park. Perth Diabetes Care have mobile sites at Joondanna Friendlies and Banksia Grove Friendlies. 



HBF are working in conjunction with Perth Diabetes Care and UWA for a clinical trial involving the use of Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) and its effectiveness in people living with diabetes – recruitment is still open for this trial (iGlo). 



The University of Western Australia (UWA) is working together with Perth Diabetes Care and HBF for a clinical trial involving the use of Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) and its effectiveness in people living with diabetes – recruitment is still open for this trial (iGlo). 



Perth Diabetes Care offers all products from Medtronic, including insulin pump (640G), Continuous Glucose Monitors (iPro, Guardian Connect – GC, Guardian 2 Link – G2). A trial of Medtronic CGM is available through Perth Diabetes Care. Insulin pump upgrades and Insulin Pump Starts are available through Perth Diabetes Care. 



Perth Diabetes Care offers products supported by AMSL, this includes insulin pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors (Dexcom G4, Dexcom G5). 



Ypsomed is a new offering for Insulin Pumps. At Perth Diabetes Care we have a working model. Perth Diabetes Care is also trained for Insulin Pump Starts and upgrades to the Ypsomed insulin pump. 


Abbott Diabetes Care 

Abbott Diabetes Care showcases the Freestyle range (Freestyle Opium Neo, Freestyle Insulinx, Freestyle Freedom, Freestyle Libre). Their latest offering is the Freestyle Libre. Perth Diabetes Care have Freestyle Libre readers and sensors available. Perth Diabetes Care can also educate and guide on the correct use, application and interpretation/review the data for the management of diabetes. 



Roche Diabetes Care showcases the Accu-chek range of blood glucose meters (Accuchek Guide, Accuhek Performa, Accuchek Aviva Expert) and Insulin Pump (Accu-chek Spirit Combo). All are available at Perth Diabetes Care. 


Medical Specialties Australia 

Medical Specialties Australia have released a new Insulin Pump to the Australian Market, Cellnovo. Perth Diabetes Care is trained in starting or upgrading to the Cellnovo Insulin Pump. A working model is also available to view. 


Antony St Specialist 

Antony St Specialist Centre hosts 4 Endocrinologists. Perth Diabetes Care works closely with all of the Endocrinologists in the management of Diabetes (all types) and all chronic conditions. Endocrinologists practicing in Antony St Specialist Centre include Dr Gerry Fegan, Dr Ashley Makepeace, Dr Richard Gauci and Dr Krishna Chikkaveerappa.

Murdoch Physician Services

Murdoch Physician Services located within the Wexford Specialist Centre (Opposite Fiona Stanley Hospital) is operated by Dr Mark Lee a Diabetologist. 


Private Endocrinologists

List of private Endocrinologists practising in Western Australia.

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PDC Allied Health is provided by Perth Diabetes Care. Multidisciplinary Allied Health for all chronic conditions and skilled in diabetes care.