Melissa Tong


In 2010, Melissa graduated from Curtin University as a Pharmacist and loved the fact that she was able to work directly with patients and health care professionals. Being able to meet and talk to people from different areas of life and help them with their needs is what Melissa enjoys most about being a Pharmacist.

Melissa views being a Pharmacist as a first point of contact when someone becomes ill. She feels rewarded knowing that she is able to help people when they are feeling unwell and to try to get them back to their good health. By involving a Pharmacist in your Health Care Team they're able to educate you about minor health ailments and help you achieve better health outcomes.

In 2015, Melissa again graduated from Curtin University as a Diabetes Educator, she is currently finalising her Diabetes Educator Credentialling.

Melissa is multi-lingual, speaking the following languages: English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese and Bahasa.

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