Jeff Au


Jeff is a Registered Pharmacist and has been registered since 2006. In his career, Jeff has managed a busy retail pharmacy in Midland and a service based pharmacy in Joondanna. Jeff has a passion for diabetes care and has provided education to young aspiring pharmacy interns on diabetes devices, rural pharmacists on diabetes services available in a pharmacy setting and pharmacists re-entering the workforce on the new and current trends of diabetes care in pharmacies.


In 2015, Teresa and Jeff founded Perth Diabetes Care, a multidisciplinary allied health care team dedicated to providing the best clinical care for the management of diabetes. Working in a combination of a busy retail pharmacy and a service based pharmacy, Jeff has gained experience to seek innovative diabetes related products, as well as utilising the necessary skills to ensure that these products and services are delivered to meet expectations of people living with diabetes. All of this is aimed in making living with diabetes less stressful, with the utilisation of technology and education.


Jeff is a Pharmacist and Care Co-ordinator at Perth Diabetes Care. Care Co-ordination is provided as a complimentary service to help people living with chronic conditions, navigate the health care maze and access the support they need. This has helped people utilise a multidisciplinary team and to ensure visits are tailored to each individual’s needs and wants.


Jeff is currently pursuing further education, enrolling in the Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education provided by Curtin University and will aim to be a Credentialled Diabetes Educator mid 2019.

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PDC Allied Health is provided by Perth Diabetes Care. Multidisciplinary Allied Health for all chronic conditions and skilled in diabetes care.