About PDC Education

The team at PDC Allied Health has always been passionate about being involved in the local community and educating others on health issues faced by people with diabetes or without. In 2017, our team had the privilege of being involved in community events, university open days, WAPNA seminars and school assemblies. We launched our own Allied Health Professional Health Seminars which will continue into the future, due to their popularity. We also collaborated alongside our Young Adult Diabetes Committee in presenting seminars on Type 1 Diabetes.

What We Offer

  • Training Workshops: for companies, medical organisations and businesses who would like to be kept up to date on the current research, emergency response situations and basic knowledge of chronic condition.

  • University & College Open Day Displays: we are more than happy to hold a stall at your open day; advising students, faculty members and family that we can assist them or someone they know with a chronic condition.

  • School Talks: can be given to primary or high school students and staff regarding a chronic condition that one or more students may live with. These talks can be kept intimate within the student’s own classroom or at a school assembly, whichever the student would prefer.

  • Consumer Seminars: are held regularly on Type 1 diabetes, which are designed by our Young Adult Diabetes Committee. These seminars cover an array of topics, which involve a PDC Allied Health Clinician, a personal speaker, a prolific guest speaker in the field, as well as large group discussions.

  • Aged Care Assistance: we happily enter into an agreement with the individual aged care home and work with you on topics that your staff or residents are needing to learn about.

Why Choose PDC Allied Health?

Our team at PDC Allied Health, keep themselves up to date on the latest research and findings within their discipline and will provide you with a warm, friendly and professional presentation.

We will sit down with you and intricately design the service in which you require, including but not limited: agenda, time allocation, location, resources, equipment and refreshments.


For upcoming events, please see the What's New tab by clicking         or contacting our Events & Marking Coordinator Tammy Moran on 08 6110 0570.

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PDC Allied Health is provided by Perth Diabetes Care. Multidisciplinary Allied Health for all chronic conditions and skilled in diabetes care.