Clinical Psychology

Getting support during difficult times can help you find strategies to get through the situation. Some of the benefits of receiving support for mental health include:

  • Feeling less stressed

  • Relief about sharing your thoughts and feelings

  • Finding strategies and ways to cope

  • Gaining some perspective

  • Reducing your sense of loneliness

  • Building stronger relationships with friends and family.

Our Clinical Psychologist can provide support for those experiencing:

  • Depression (including Post Natal) or Anxiety

  • Disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress, Sleep, Eating or Obsessive Compulsive

  • Phobia's

  • Stress related to work, relationships or family

  • Major life changes such as lost of a loved one, retirement, diagnosis of a chronic condition

Depending on your situation our Psychologist will tailor the support according to your needs.

For more information, please click on the PDF Icon below for our brochure.

Perth Diabetes Care Psychologist Brochure